Saturday 1 March 2014

What is freedom?

What is freedom? There are two phases: one is of discipline and rule, to much later be free, where the discipline has become second nature, that understanding called wisdom. Mindlessness does not change the world, it rather needs protection; Buddhist monks learn self-discipline to remove the fences. There is no such thing as absolute freedom if not in the void; there is no such thing as good without evil; and there is no such thing as we are all equal, just as there are different phases of life. There is no hope for freedom in a society that has no respect for the elder; there is no hope for a culture that has forgot the adventure of growing; there is no hope for a nation that goes global but is never local. A game without rules is no game at all: flat anarchism can be a juvenile experiment, deep anarchism is the future hope of the present war. And there are as many sensibilities as there are people, but there is one and only one rationality: the new man will not fall from the sky.

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